20 Beauty hacks you should know

  1. Are you fed up of overdrawing your eyebrows making them too big or dark? Simply grab a tooth pick and colour in the long edge with your eyebrow pencil and then rub the tooth pick on the edge of your eyebrow for straight lines and the right amount of thickness.
  2. Are you fed up with your hair getting stuck to your lipgloss? Once you’ve applied the lipgloss rub an ice cube of your lips.
  3. Want curly hair but don’t have time to use a curling wand? Shower the night before and plait your hair wet with a spritz of salt spray then undo in the morning, and use hairspray to keep your curly locks from dropping.
  4. Can’t afford the expensive matte nail polishes? Once you’ve applied your nail colour and top coat, you can ether use a hair dryer or hold your hand under a steaming kettle. (Be careful!)
  5. Do you suffer from dandruff but can’t afford the expensive shampoo? Or you’ve run out? Simply squeeze lemon juice into a plastic bag with olive oil, place on your head, massage it in before leaving it on for an hour and then wash it out.
  6. To help apply eyeshadow evenly on your eyelids, place spoon on your eyelid and follow the round curve of the spoon with your eyeshadow brush.
  7. If you suffer from dark circles, freeze a sheet of tin foil and cut then cut into a comma shape before dabbing on some Aloe Vera gel and playing your DIY eye bags over the gel, press down and smooth leaving them on for 15 minutes.
  8. If you suffer from dark armpits cut a lemon in half and add two tablespoons of sugar on to the lemon and rub into your armpit. Repeat regularly and you’ll see a visible result after two weeks.
  9. To make your lashes longer and thicker without fake eyelashes, get a clean mascara wand (You can get them on amazon in packs)and dip it into some Vaseline and apply to your lashes before mascara. If you want you can also heat your eyelash curlers with a hairdryer (don’t burn yourself!) to help volumise your lashes.
  10. Have dirty makeup brushes? Get a bar of soap and scrub the bar of soap with your brush before stirring on a plate / bowl to make sure all the makeup is off before rinsing under a tap and use your blow dryer to dry.
  11. Have you ever put on glittered eyeshadow and then found when you go to take your makeup off that you have glitter all over your face? Simply place makeup tape over the glitter and then peel off.
  12. Did you for get to iron your shirt/T shirt and your in a mad rush to leave the house on time? Simply place a piece of tinfoil in your shirt and iron one side, by doing this the tinfoil presses out the creases on the other side of the shirt without you having to turn it over. Just be careful when removing the tinfoil as it will be hot.
  13. Do you suffer from sunburns and peeling skin? Simply roll a lint roller on the areas where your skin is peeling to easily remove them before smearing Aloe Vera on your skin which will act like a balm.
  14. Slice aloe vera in half and rub it over your skin daily to reduce the inflammation of scars and stretch marks.
  15. Apply your eyelash glue using a hair grip to avoid mess and gloopy lumps.
  16. To get feathery lashes, apply mascara as you’re curling your eyelashes.
  17. Concealer and colour corrector mixed together in your natural skin tone can cover tattoos
  18. To stop makeup from covering your phone screen when your calling someone, be sure to use a powder and setting spray. (Or hairspray!j
  19. If your a beauty blogger and like to review lipsticks and want nice clean lines and to make sure your swatches don’t mix, use makeup tape and put it across the width of your arm and use as many pieces of tape equal your number of swatches.
  20. If you want to take eyeshadow or lipgloss for touch ups on a night out without your bag becoming heavy, simply smear some eyeshadow with the on to some tracing paper roll it up brush inside it and take out and apply whenever you need too. To make sure you don’t lose your brushes you could always roll up the tracing paper and use an elastic band or hair type to keep your brushes together with your on the go pallet.

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