News in the disabled community Operation send Evie – Lily Graves a Birthday card

Right guys, I’m on a mission and need your help…
My friend on Instagram Danielle, has one wish that her beautiful daughter recieves a hundred cards for her seventh birthday (Like in the first Harry Potter Movie/book)

So everyone get sending! I have just sent mine along with a special treat for Dani and Evie that they didn’t ask for but, if you want to be a proper Potterhead they are essential!

Her PO Box is: Evie Lily Graves
The dinosaur room
2 Waterton Court
Crofton Wakefield
Cards with added sensory things like fluffy pom-poms, Glitter and feathers
would also be fab. Please note Evie doesn’t like the feel or smell of Playdough.
If you do send a card please put where your from.

About Dani and Evie.

Danielle and Evie are just two Yorkshire lasses who deserve to feel love and appreciated. Evie is visually impaired, has cerebral palsy and a feeding tube and whilst gifts are appreciated, (However not a requirement) please be mindful that Evie cannot have any solid food. She is however like any other seven-year-old but with extra challenges that in the disabled and special-needs community we are all aware of and can relate to. Evie loves dinosaurs & Harry Potter Aside from being a total cutie and typical girly girl, she has a love of shopping, Kath Kidston and music. (She is a girl after my own heart!)

Dani is like any other special needs parent and often goes above and beyond to get her daughter what she needs and often puts Evie ahead of herself which she often documents the highs and lows on her Instagram. (link above) whilst Evie has two loving caring parents and great gran Dani often does the lion share of the work and often misses out on things that other twenty something mums have the opportunity to do. So, please show Dani some love too.

Please help in any small way you can.

Rachel Marie

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