Me and my Disability: Catheter Care tips/hacks

  • If your travelling, or are stuck in traffic and need to empty your bag, keep a flask in your handbag/car and then empty it when you find a bathroom.
  • To stop the build up of crystals which block end up your tube, roll your tube with your thumb and forefinger to break down the crystals, or you can flush it using sterile water once a week.
  • Avoid fizzy drinks/alcohol/ herbal tea, these irritate the bladder resulting in you bypassing urine.
  • If your prone to bypassing ask your GP about anti bladder spasm medication.
  • Try not to rely on your bag, if you can use a tap to keep your pelvic floor muscles strong which means less or no bypassing.
  • If your not confident in your ability to not bypass urine, you can always wear bladder leak underwear and instead of buying incontence pads to go under your mattress buy puppy training pads, which are cheaper and more absorbent.
  • If you are in a lot of discomfort when changing your catheter, ask for it to be changed every five weeks instead of twelve which means that you have less chance of your catheter becoming stuck and the hole shrinking.
  • Want funky Cather covers to match your outfits? Cut the heel and toe of socks to create a sleeve that will cover your bag.
  • Want to improve your pelvic floor and strengthen your bladder muscles after relying on your bag for so long? Simply wear a tap and set an alarm to empty your bag every 90 mins and gradually extend it by 10 mins each time.
  • Do you find the statlock spray stinging when you need to put a new statlock on each week? Peel it off using warm water and alcohol wipes, moisturise the area where you want to place the statlock, dry and stick on using a setting spray.
  • Try and regulate you bowels, when your constipated your bowels expand and end up pushing on your bladder making you urinate more and increasing the risk of bypassing.
  • Feel like your bladder is filing up and not draining, sit forward as far as you can and cough. Don’t lie down.

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