Fashion: Valentine’s Day outfits inspiration and date ideas ❤️

Where are you celebrating this Valentine’s Day with your significant other, happily single or planning a galentines here some outfit inspiration. from preppy perfection, pink lady, the satin seductress  and the hopelessly devoted to the black dress, I’ve got you covered!

Date ideas:

Attend a cooking class. Learning how to make a meal will prevent a lull in the conversation and you have a meal to make for the next Valentine’s Day together.
Have dessert and drinks. Avoid the serious dinner date all together and go straight for the sweet stuff.
Hit a roller rink. You will have to hold hands to stay upright and you are sure to have some good laughs as you skate around.
Have a favorite take-out contest. Each of you orders your favorite take-out meal and then decide whose is best. Loser buys drinks!
Find a swing-dancing club. Check out the live music scene in your area and give dancing a twirl.
Bundle up and look at the stars. Pack a blanket, some snacks and a bottle of wine for a low-key date that has plenty of romance.
Go to a hockey game. Nothing says romance like being caught by the kiss-cam on a jumbotron.
Show each other your favorite spot in the city. Visit it together and explain why it is so special to you.
Go chocolate tasting. If your date has a sweet tooth, they will love you for thinking of this!
Try a wine and painting class. You can compare paintings and will have a sweet memento.
Visit your local aquarium. It’s fun to get lost under the sea for a few hours


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