Book review: The giver of stars by Jojo Moyes

Genre: Historical fiction


Alice is stifled, bored, and misunderstood.

So when she meets wealthy and handsome American, Bennett Van Cleve, she is quickly swept off her feet.

Marrying him and moving to America seems like a great adventure – but life as a newlywed in stuffy Baileyville, Kentucky, is not at all what she hoped for.

Until, that is, she responds to a call for volunteers to start a travelling library, surprising herself by saying yes, before her husband can say no . . .

Led by feisty and rebellious Margery O’Hare, this unlikely group of women travel far and wide on their mission to bring books and reading to those that need it, and Alice finally finds the freedom, friendship and love that she’s been looking for.

But not everyone approves of what they are doing, especially her new father-in-law. And when the town turns against them, will their belief in each other and their work be enough?

Rating: 5/5

My verdict: This book reminded me of Jodi Picoult’s big small things but with books.

This book has everything, romance, drama, industrial revolutions, crime, feminism, friendship and comedy.

Moye’s writes with such a passion that the lyrical narrative is easy and just pure escapism. I read this book in two days, finishing it at 2am this morning. The research gone into the story’s setting in 1930’s America is so detailed that you feel as if you are a town resident. The idea of hope and knowledge being power and reminded me of John Steinbeck’s Of mice and men. Particularly with Margery. Brilliant book, I would love if this was turned into a seriesfocusing on the secondary characters Isabel, Sofia, William and Beth. A beautiful story from an inspiring author. After reading the novel I even made a list of the novels that were suggested in the narrative and have found my reading repertoire to be greatly expanded and ideas widened. If anything this book teaches us that when you set out to do something you can make a difference and change lives for the better if you’re determined to take the rough with the smooth.

Image courtesy of JoJo Moyes. Click the image to be taken to Amazon so you can buy your copy!

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