News in the disabled community: Get behind sick magazine!

Image property of sick magazine. Click the image to be taken to their website for more info about their publication, contact and submissions.

Just submitted two poems to #sickmagazine, A publication designed to help connect those with chronic illnesses and disabilities whether they be intellectual or physical. I implore all my friends in the disabled community to get behind this. It is publications like these that offer comfort and support to those who often feel isolated from their peers because of their illnesses and it gives something for people to relate to. It also is a great way of turning our experiences into something positive by writing about them ultimately raising awareness of the life that is often misrepresented in the media

Where we ourselves as a community can come together and highlight the struggles and small victories that come with living with debilitating pain/illnesses. This is a safe space where we can set the record straight where we finally have a voice.

I have just bought my copy of the first issue and I implore you all to do so to support this wonderful organisation and its aims after all it is from small acorns that mighty oaks grow. I commend the editor and creator Olivia for being so bold publish content that would be branded taboo/depressing when in fact it is the stark reality. I also wish to point out that it is not all doom and gloom when it comes to a chronic illness, through this community I have made many great friends and I know from my own blog posts that I have provided people with comfort over the years to know that they are not alone in the situations. 

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