Me and my disability Hola! Estoy Muy Ocupado (hello I am very busy!)

Hello everyone,

Sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, I’ve been busy writing the second novel of my Carefree and Consequences series (please see book one available on Amazon on blog main menu, if you like historical romance particularly set in the 1950s then this book is for you so please buy, review and spread the word!) The book is still in untitled and I have written the first three chapters and aim to write a chapter a day/evening with the goal of publishing the second book by Valentine’s Day next year.

I’ve also been busy with my university course and tonight I am taking a big step and in rolling on my level two modules (writing short fiction and writing life fiction) in time to finish my first module which is Creative Writing skills by July, submitting my assignment for official assessment. I can’t believe this unit is nearly over, I’ve learnt so much from my tutor the wonderful Miss Gerry Ryan, I am beyond grateful for your guidance, encouragement and inspiration is that a helping me become a better writer.

As well as all this, I’ve been learning Spanish using the app Duolingo, with the aim of being able to have a confident conversation in Spanish if I ever decide to travel there. It’s £12 a month but to me you can’t put a price on education and keeping your mind active.

Speaking of being active next week myself and Mel will be going to a beginners art class and to the cinema to see Downton Abbey the film. The art class is £7.50 but with my HYNT card Mel goes free, as well as the cinema which is £5.

My pain levels have been up-and-down but I’m trying to learn to push through the pain. I can’t tell if the injections have worked as I still have a lot of lower back pain.

Hasta Luego!

3 thoughts on “Me and my disability Hola! Estoy Muy Ocupado (hello I am very busy!)

  1. Interesting that you paid for Duolingo, I use it frequently but have never upgraded to plus so it remains free. I think paying for it probably motivates you a bit more to actually practice so you get your money’s worth. Hope it’s going well and you’re keeping well too. Adios!


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