Fashion Friday: outfits for any/every occasion

Here’s some outfits to suit any occasion.

This outfit is ideal for the office/the classroom/business lunch/interview.

This outfit could easily be for a night out with the girls/fine dining date/ dinner party/ trip to the theatre.

For the vintage lovers among us you could wear this to a study party/poetry slam/ library date/ lunch date/ classroom (or lecture)

This next outfit could be worn for doing the weekly shop/visiting a flea market/ the school run/ sightseeing outfit when your on your holidays.

This next look is for a festival/ an outfit for the beach/ camping/ going clubbing/ sightseeing in hot countries.

This next look is for the gym bunnies/ going to health and fitness retreat/hiking

Lastly this next look could be worn at church/family portrait/Job interview/ commute to work in the autumn

Here is my ShopLook link http://www.shoplook/authorrachelm

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