Book review: Empty hearth kitty Neale

Genre: historical fiction

Rating: 5/5


Millie Pratchett’s life is not an easy one. 

Her dad, coalman Alfie, is a bully, and his vicious temper dominates their small terraced house in Battersea. His teenage children, handsome John and ugly-duckling Millie, have learnt to dodge his moods but Millie lives in fear for her mother, Eileen. 

When Alfie’s tyranny forces Eileen into an impossible position, a crisis erupts. The Pratchetts’ old life collapses around them and a new, darker future looms. But people are not always what they seem; could Millie turn out to be far stronger and more resilient than anyone could have imagined ? 

Perfect for fans of Nadine Dorries and Katie Flynn, this is an emotional family saga from the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Mother’s Sacrifice and A Family’s Heartbreak.

My verdict: Another fantastic gritty tale from Kitty Neale. Kitty writes with such realism that you feel that your in the story. But at the same time she writes with such sensitivity that it pulls at your heart strings. Though the story may be brutal, you can’t help but champion the underdog Mille throughout.

A story of loyalty, heartbreak and overcoming adversity even in the darkest of times. Fans of Dilly Court and Jennifer worth will love this dramatic tale.

Image belongs to kitty Neale. Click the book cover to be taken to Amazon so you can buy your copy.

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