Fashion: winter vacation inspiration For whatever the occasion

Let’s start with..

Poolside/visiting the beach

Okay so it’s the first day of your vacation and you’re spending it by the pool/Going to the beach. First of all we have our navy bikini top which is knotted and with modesty shorts For those not ready to wear a thong. It’s from and is called ANTIGUA you can also get it on Amazon for £25/£27. Then we have A pair of nude toe looped mules retailing for £45. We then have the cat I sunglasses from for £18 and a navy blue Walmart tote retailing at £16.50


You can’t go wrong with a pair of Levi shorts and these coming at just £70 and are a summer staple. Pair of shorts with this cotton white red and navy striped banana republic T-shirt with long sleeves to keep you warm if you’re inclined to be cold but also lightweight enough so that you don’t feel like your overheating. You could put a white camisole vest on underneath. Or if you feel confident enough wear a white sports bra, I particularly find Asda is non-wired bras very comfortable. If you’re going to do lots of walking make sure you wear in your shoes beforehand, I recommend converse as they are relatively cheap at £40 and will last you a good while, they are also easy to wash and go with just about anything. This backpack is called BCGB by Walmart and is a scale at £18 and will keep all your essentials handy whilst exploring your holiday destination. I also recommend that you take a flask of water with you and avoid cans of fizzy drinks and caffeine as these can dehydrate you. This lightweight 1 L flask is from Amazon and comes in at £20.

The evening

This black lightweight beach dress is perfect for an evening stroll. It has white and blue Hawaiian flowers and has spaghetti straps so it’s best to be worn with a strapless bra. This is from Amazon and is again £20. Then we have these black wedge heels by Sam Anderson from Nordstrom at £99.95 with ankle strap. We then have a turquoise pair of Sam and Baba flower earrings available from clips at £85. Lastly we have a £19 bag from H&M.

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