Fashion: Steal that celebrity style – Vanessa Hudgens at Kelly and Ryan interview

I know this the third Steal That Celebrity style segment that I’ve done on Ms Hudgens but she really is one of the most stylish celebrities that I absolutely adore with gay abandon (quite literally as she was the first woman that made me realise its possible to love girls and boys… I digress, let’s get back to the subject at hand?) This is what she wore to the taping of the American talk show, Kelly and Ryan. Here’s a budget friendly version for those of us who want to emulate the bohemian beauty but don’t have access to thousands of dollars. The came, knee length boots are from mango and are an eye wateringly £249.99 but, as the colour is so neutral you could pair them with just about anything so technically you called call them a wise fashion investment ( I don’t think the tax man would see it that way if you wanted to claim them back for your working woman’s wardrobe! But as they say you can’t harm a woman for trying!) The long sleeved cable knit cream scoop necked jumper is from Billabong at £65.49 and lastly, the skirt is Carmel faux crocodile skin from The earrings that I previously wrote about in Vanessa’s mixed print outfit analysis are from mango at £19.99 and the various rings that adorns the leading lady’s fingers are from an unknown jeweller in Glasgow where she previously was filming: The Princess switch 2: switched again in Glasgow where she also attended Hogmanay with mother Gina and sister Stella, who is also is a fashion mogul who recently collaborated with BOOHOO. Stella recently suprised her sister by flying into Glasgow as a surprise and jumping out of a box in the actresses trailer where they had a tearful reunion filmed by mum Gina.

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