Fashion: Steal that celebrity style -Vanessa Hudgens

If anybody can mix up prints it’s Vanessa hudgens and here’s how you can get this statement style without the eye watering price tag. (Except for the Jimmy Choo’s!) The gingham jacket is £49.99 from H&M (you can easily slip in some shoulder pads/cardboard if you want to have the 80’s superwoman like Vanessa.), the leopard print cable knit dress is £49.99 from Nordstrom, the gold hoop earrings are from Mango at £19.99 and the belt is from Isabel Marant at £135 to cinch in your waist and emphasise your curves (not that Vanessa needs any help in that department!) A skinny belt from new look would look good if you’re on a tight budget, even primark. The tights you can get from any supermarket. To tie the look together Vanessa has her hair in a sleek long ponytail and if you don’t have long tresses then I’m sure Claire’s accessories have a clip in hairpiece that you can secure with extra Kirby grips and hairspray. If it’s nude lipstick your after then I suggest you go for MUA’s honey brown lip pallet which has various shades to suit then, to get Vanessa’s killer cheek bones it can be easily imitated with contouring, I suggest Maybeline’s contour crayon all you need to do is draw a thin line from your jawline behind your ear down to your chin and blend in. If you want to make your forehead smaller draw an arch across it and to make your nose smaller draw two parallel lines of either side of your nose and then blend. Use the cream side of the crayon to colour in either side of all the brown lines and blend. To finish add a sweep of benefit Hula bronzer across your cheek bones tip of your nose and chin. For your eyes line your eyes with gel liner I recommend Bobbi Brown in charcoal then add a white eyeshadow to the corner of your eye before dabbing on a gold colour gently, again I recommend MUA’s rusted wonders pallet

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