Me and My Disability: Pain flare

Sorry I’ve been MIA guys, my sister was visiting for four days and I’m now in the midst of a severe pain flare up with my back, This pain flare is really out of the blue as I’ve been tracking my pain levels in my diary and my pain seemed to stay between the numbers of one and four. I went to the doctors to pick up my antidepressants on Wednesday and I think I may have jarred my back going down the hill in my wheelchair. I think I may have jinxed myself when I was telling a friend how stable my pain has been and what with my spinal injections coming up.

After my disastrous appointment with the pain clinic in December where they basically hello shamed me I’m reluctant to go back to the GP to see what else they can offer me because I don’t like the way the consultant judged my five year pain battle in 20 minutes appointment. (She also didn’t have any knowledge of my baclofen and Oramorph trial going wrong where I was violent and aggressive towards the nurses, according to her I was fine.

I hope these injections work and the pain settles down. It doesn’t help that my menstrual cycle started again and I find that exacerbate my pain. Are any of my chronic pain warriors in the same boat?

The sooner The UK legalise cannabis use for chronic pain and not just epilepsy, the better. (Even then I’d struggle to justify using it, but whatever helps) .

Take care,

Raimie xoxo

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