Me and my disability: Why I decided to blog

I began my foray into blogging in 2013 when I started the tumblr blog uniquelyunable. I realised that they internet could connect me with people who are in similar situations to myself and that I could put my love of writing into practice as an outlet for my frustration at the lack of support for young adults with disabilities. I haven looked back since and through the power of social media I’ve made so many friends for life and now because of my dedication to raising awareness of life with a disability it has started to open doors for me. (I recently did a weeks work experience at my local TV station and helped a friend with the beginnings of his PR company.) It also showed people that there was more to me than just a medical diagnosis and the public’s perception of the trials and tribulations that comes along with having a disability.

I previously said that I write a blog to release a lot of the frustration but, by doing that, it makes me feel better and even in some cases providing my readers with the feeling that they aren’t alone in feeling this way or in that situation,

I have a lot of people email and say that I exploit my own community by writing about certain problems. They are wrong. I don’t write about the hurdles we face as a community but as an individual. What I want people to take away from my blog is that it isn’t all doom and gloom but it isn’t sunshine and roses either and that by having a medical issues can lead to mental health struggles in the future. I am by no means depressed at being disabled but struggle with the pain and exertion that comes with living any every day life. Does that mean I wish I wasn’t? Sometimes. But on the whole I have a better understanding of craving independence than some people. Independence for me would be able to put myself to bed or use the toilet without physical assistance.

When people say to me ‘I couldn’t handle it if I was disabled’ I could understand if you’d experienced a tragic accident but, like me if your born with it, you don’t miss what you don’t have in one respect.

These thoughts just started to tumble out of me, so I wanted to just jot them down and see if I could change able bodied people’s ideas of what life would be like would be like with a disability and how the internet can be one of the most cruel places in the world but, on the other provide a comfort for not just disabled people but families, friends, teachers, actors and healthcare professionals whatever your circumstances or experiences may be in regards to disability and daily life.

To whomever reads this please know that I’m by far of an inspiration to you or others, I’m just someone simply seeing a need for more dirt hand accounts of life with a physical disability, invisible disability, learning disability or indeed mental health issues.

Love RM

Ps. If any of this offends anyone please get in touch and perhaps I could word it differently or explain further why I felt the need to write this.

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