Writing Six word stories 2020

Below is my second attempt at the Earnest Hemingway six story challenge, you can read my 2019 six word stories here: https://atomic-temporary-119431106.wpcomstaging.com/2019/03/23/my-hemingway-six-word-story-challenge/

  1. Two hearts intertwined in the night
  2. She swallowed the jagged little pill
  3. He left a broken heart behind
  4. Her devotion was split in two
  5. He said goodbye, she said hello
  6. her confidence was torn in two
  7. He stripped her of her inhibitions
  8. Her emotions spiralled out of control
  9. The dog craved love and attention
  10. Her emotions for him were conflicted
  11. The words tumbled from her lips
  12. He feared her lust for him
  13. A book, a possible passport
  14. She chased the whiskey with pills
  15. The stars twinkled with infinite possibilities
  16. Devastation with two words. I’m sorry.
  17. She was enraged at his stupidity
  18. It wasn’t supposed happen this way
  19. Their passion influenced by Hennessy
  20. They’d surely regret it in later,
  21. She wept. He cried. They finished.
  22. This wasn’t a happily ever after
  23. She sang like a canary
  24. Her inner child’s spirit died
  25. The darkness enveloped her, providing relief.

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