Fashion: Colour of 2020 Pan Tone classic blue

So according to the fashion gurus over at the colour of 2020 is pan tone classic blue. Here’s how you can implement this new trend into your work wardrobe.

The overall outfit has a price tag of £5000 with a chiffon sleeveless blue Peter Pan collar blouse and Victoria Beckham tailored trouser. You don’t have to go full on blue for the entire outfit (as this is a very bold look and isn’t for everyone) , you could just incorporate small elements like the gold and blue Hallogen necklace and the heels (Stuart Weitzman) . To tie the whole look together, team with a red lip (I recommend Rimmel London, in Sound the Alarm) with blue eyeshadow (NYX eyeshadows are really vibrant and easy on the bank balance) and black gel liner (I love Bobbi Brown, it’s so lightweight and doesn’t smudge after a long day leaving you looking like a classic blue panda!) for extra style points wear your hair in loose beach waves (An easy way to do this is to plait your wet hair the night before and undo them in the morning before work, then spray a little bit of hairspray to hold it.) and nail the working woman look with a navy tote (Tory Birch)

Buy the look here

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