Mental Health: The first 72 hours of 2020

Now I know this isn’t major news but I feel the need to celebrate these four things:

  1. I am now 48 hours in on my new healthy eating regime and loving it. I even took a pack lunch to the garden Center to meet an old friend so I wouldn’t be tempted to buy cake or lasagna and chips. I now eat properly instead of falling upon toast and chocolate. I have three meals a day with fresh fruit and veg and a snack at 3:30pm. I’m also tracking what I eat (not calorie counting) and I’m limiting myself to two cups of tea a day and the rest of the time it’s agua!
  2. I’ve also joined my local book club that meets up once a month on a Thursday and have even gone as far as reworking my care schedule so I have someone to help me across the road and lock up the house.
  3. I’m also going to join an art club and pay in advance so I have to go each week so that I’m not wasting money. By doing this I’m keeping my hands and mind occupied whilst meeting like minded adults to widen my social circle.
  4. Now the last goal is a little bit gross but I am managing to shower every other day instead of twice a week (with fatigue and pain I’m notorious for putting it off and just having bed baths) and I no longer have pyjama days and make a point of brushing my hair/teeth and choosing a nice outfit.

I’d say 2020 is off to a great start.

Taken today before I went out with Melanie and Sue. I am wearing a Mark’s and Spencer’s turtle neck jumper that my great gran got me for Christmas… so cosy!!

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