Fashion: Steal that celebrity style – Ella Bleu Travolta

Ella Bleu Travolta is the beautiful nineteen year old daughter of John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Ella first stepped into the limelight when she starred alongside her parents and comedy legend Robin Williams Disneys’s Old dogs in 2009. This came after tragic death of her sixteen year old brother Jett who passed away on a family holiday in the Bahamas – we later learned he suffered from learning difficulties and seizures.

In 2012 Ella joined her father at the premiere of the action thriller The Killing Season which stars Robert De Niro

In 2014 at the Oscars she sat next to zac Efron. How do I know this? When comedy legend Ellen DeGeneres was introducing Efron who was presenting an award she is sitting in his empty seat and Ella can be seen at the edge of the screen. I don’t know why but when I saw this I could not contain my excitement at my favourite celebrities sitting together and talking to each other! (Efron starred alongside John in the 2007 musical movie reboot of Hairspray.)

Ten years on from her acting debut, Ella joins her father again in the Poison Rose where she plays Becky, the daughter of a southern bell wife of local football player (who meets un untimely demise later on.) Personally, I think Ella did a fantastic job, (Although readers of this blog know that I consider myself a super fan when it comes to this famous family) and I hope she continues to ‘join the family business’ and we see her in more roles, making her mark on Hollywood.

In 2016 Ella made her social media on debut, often featuring on her parents instagram stories and then joining the site herself in 2018. Ella often accompanies her parents to big events like The Gotti premier and Grease’s 40th anniversary celebrations with The Academy awards and recently the Meet and Grease events in Florida.

In a parody of Ariana Grande’s music video 7 rings Ella can be seen wearing Chanel earrings alongside blonde bombshell singer, Palmer.

Below is a budget version of the look Ella was wearing when she appeared on Jimmy Kimmel in May.

Ella and her mother are a fan of the Tracey Nichols jewellery brand.

Ella had a feeling that she would probably follow his famous parents into the family business when she spoke to people magazine last year when doing the press junkets for Poison Rose she said, ‘In our house in Maine me and my friends would put on shows and we had this small stage with a red curtain and we would act out anything from the hulk to the housewives of Maine’.

Happy New Year to you Ella and I hope to see you and your family in more film roles together in 2020.

Here is my shop link so that you may nab some Ella Bleu essence!!

Want to know how big a Travolta fan I am? Read my article here! I know the family may not be everybody’s cup of tea but any hate towards the Travolta‘s or towards me for loving them will result in you being blocked.

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