Fashion: New Year’s Eve grunge.

Ring in the start of the decade like the rockstar that you are. Ditch your boring predictable wardrobe and worries for a bold and brave new look!

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Makeup tips from Wkihow

Put concealer on your blemishes and undereye area. Use the pad of your finger to gently dot concealer underneath your eyes where you see darker and/or bluer coloration.[5] Blend by continuing to gently pat the area with your finger. Then use your finger to carefully dot and blend any blemishes or red areas you have.
Don’t try to rub your concealer in; this will only remove it from the area.
If you have major discoloration that’s difficult to even out with regular concealer, try using color correcting concealer.[6] Apply this to your problem areas after you apply foundation primer and before you put on your foundation.

Choose the right brush to create the look you want. Different brushes can create different looks. For example, a larger brush works best for using a lighter layer of color all over your lid, while a smaller brush can create a darker, thicker layer of color. Often, you will need to use more than one brush to create the look you want.
A large shadow brush is best for lightly coating your eyelids with a thin layer of natural looking color.
A medium brush provides more coverage.
A small brush provides the greatest color intensity and precision.
Angle brushes are best for lining and detailing.

Pick three eyeshadows that are similar in color. To create smooth, attractive, transitions with your eyeshadow, you’ll need to use three colors that are similar in hue, but different in shade. Choose shades that range in lightness and darkness.
For example, consider using a light lavender, a shimmery plum, and a bold deep purple.

Sweep an eyeshadow brush though some shadow and tap off the extra. Use a tapered precision eyeshadow brush to prevent messiness. Lightly dab the eyeshadow with it and tap off the excess. The eyeshadow should not be caked onto your brush, but rather lightly coating the bristles. It’s always easier to start with less and add more than the other way around.

Brighten your inner eyelid and brow bone with the light shade. With a clean eyeshadow brush, apply the lightest shade to your eyelid until you reach your tear duct. Also apply the shade just below your eyebrow to bring a pretty brightness to the right parts of your eye.

Create depth in your crease with the darkest shadow. Use another clean eyeshadow brush to apply the darkest of the three colors you’ve selected to the outside corner of your eyelid, just above your top lashes. Then sweep the color into your crease, focusing more heavily on the outer half, in a back and forth motion.

Use the middle shade to connect the two others. Use yet another brush to apply the middle shade to your entire eyelid. This should pull the light and dark colors together in a seamless, fluid way

Blend your eyeshadow together. Finish creating your color transition by blending everything together with a small, soft brush. Work the brush in small circles to get the best result.

Choose an eyeliner. You can use liquid eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, or eyeshadow to line our eyes. Liquid eyeliner is better if you’re going for edgy and precise, or if you want to open up your eye more. Go with pencil eyeliner if you’re creating a softer or smokier look. No matter what type of eyeliner you choose, applying it correctly will make your eyes pop.
If you want to have winged eyeliner, use a liquid eyeliner and look down slightly as you apply it Draw a line that extends out and up past the outside corner of your eye.
If you’re lining your eyes with eyeshadow instead of liner, dip a small precision brush tip in some water and dab it in the color before starting.
If you’re feeling bold, try applying some fun colored eyeliner.

Apply eyeliner to the tops of your eyes. Start on the inside and work your way out while staying as close to your upper lashes as possible. Move across your upper lash line in tiny, controlled strokes. Go back and fill in the blanks with more small strokes.

Smudge harsh lines to get a smokey look. Apply a black, gray, plum, or forest green eyeshadow from your upper lash line to your crease. Then use a small precision makeup brush to apply the same color to your lower lash line. Carefully smudge any harsh lines with a smudge brush or q-tip. This will give your eye that smokey effect.
Don’t forget to line your eyes with a pencil and finish with a couple coats of volumizing mascara

Wear a shimmery neutral shadow during the day. Sweep a thin layer of shadow across your lid and then focus on simply defining your lashes as you apply one coat. Also, don’t forget to apply concealer to your undereye area to ensure an awake, aware appearance.[23]
This look is perfect for work or school.
If your skin is fair, try a shimmery champagne eyeshadow.
If your skin is dark, try a metallic brown eyeshadow.

Go for clean minimalism with a thin liquid liner. If you’re going out but want your eye makeup to be a little more minimal, the “clean” look is the way to go. Apply a thin stripe of liquid eyeliner to your top lash line and be sure to manicure your brows with a quality brow gel. Apply a coat or two of lengthening mascara to complete your fresh-faced look

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