Book review: Late Dawn by Michelle Tanmizi

Rating 5/5

Genre: Fantasy/futuristic

Plot: It is a hot day in Old India in the year 4793, outside of Ajjipura. Aarav is late for school. As he runs past rice and crop fields,he notices that the thick bushes and trees at both ends of the fieldsare swaying wildly and it looks like something large is creating the movement…In the year 4848, Mother Nature is no longer on the side of humanity. She seems intent to take humans out of the equation,one disaster at a time.Animals are not what they used to be.They are giant, angry beasts that want to reclaim territory lost to human habitation over the years.Marra Stollen is a Sympathiser, a field agent working for the Coalition for Animaland Environmental Protection.She thinks this is all she is and will ever be.But as the situation unfolds, she slowly discovers her true identity and what she is destined to become. What is the secret to her existence?Will it be enough to stop Man’s lastact of destruction before it is too late?“… It’s a must read for anyone who cares about saving Planet Earth.” – Todd Miller, CEO, Celestial Tiger Entertainment

My verdict: This authors futuristic allegory serves as a warning to us if we carry on abusing our planet. The writing is clever and thought provoking and definitely out side the box in terms of idea and subject. This book is addictive and stayed with me long after I’d finished it. (It took me two days!) I sympathised with the plot and struggles that Aarav had to endure. This book is the global warming version of the Christmas Carol and what would happen if we don’t take better care of our planet. I applaude Ms Tanmizi and I can’t wait to read her next piece of work. I don’t usually read science fiction/fantasy and this book indeed did take me out of my comfort zone which ultimately is a good thing because I found a gem of a writer.

Picture courtesy of Michelle Tanmizi. Click the book cover to be able to purchase your copy from Amazon.

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