Mental health: Pamper day + Christmas message

Today my beautiful friend Mel assisted me with an impromptu and pamper session so I am ready for Christmas.

First of all she helped me brush and floss my teeth. With my cerebral palsy I find this quite difficult as I cannot rotate the toothbrush very well and often miss the plaque on my back teeth. Finished with mouth wash to try and remove the tea stains on my teeth.

We then put on a guided meditation album and did some breathing and relaxation techniques whilst Mel shaved my legs. I had them waxed two weeks previously by the lovely Sophie but I wanted to keep on top of it so that I felt nice. She also trimmed my toenails and rubbed a nice orange scented body lotion on my legs and hands before doing under my arms, finishing with a sweep of Sure Roll on deoderant.

She then washed my face with warm water and Cien facial cleanser before applying a pore strip, leaving it on for 10 minutes and then washed it off again with warm water to get rid of some of the excess lotion that comes with the pore strip.

I then booked to have my hair done, my eyes tested and hearing tested in the New Year and wrote them down in my planner. I also checked out Mells friend leases Facebook page as she does holistic therapies and booked an appointment with her and adjusted my budget accordingly. Please go in search Lisa’s holistic healing hands on Facebook for a list of all her therapies/treatments and prices.

Then Mel brushed out the massive cobs in my hair and straightened it for me so that it would look nice for the weekend and it would only need a small straighten on Christmas Day.

We then stopped to have a cup of tea and she ran over the chemist to get my hydroquarter-zone cream for my dry dermatitis on my face and nail file and clippers.

When she came back she cleaned out all the dirt from underneath my nails, trimmed and shaped them before applying a dark red polish.

I’m writing this post because I want people to understand that self-care isn’t necessarily easy for some people with disabilities and sometimes we compromise our personal appearance because we do not want to ask someone to help us do the basics things or are too tired to do the maintenance.

I know Christmas Day is five days away and I know you want everything to be perfect but please remember that there is no such thing as perfect only feeling content and happy with what you have. With social media nowadays it’s easy to have comparison anxiety when you see somebody’s photos or feed where they post about all the good things in life and it sometimes feels like you aren’t doing enough. My messages that you are doing enough and if you’re happy and content with what you have then who does it matter what somebody else thinks or making sure that your social media feeds look perfect because remember people don’t necessarily post about everything going on in their lives, they tend to record the positive snapshots. Just remember that your self worth and your happy and content Christmas isn’t defined by the number of likes you receive or followers you have.

This will now be my last blog post of 2019 and I will see you back and ready to be posting on the 7th of January. I hope you have a lovely Christmas and the happiest of New Years but please remember To be kind to those who aren’t as fortunate and perhaps don’t have lots of family and friends around them or find the Festive period hard and tiring.

Please spare a thought for those working on Christmas Day such as carers who won’t be with their families for the majority of it but instead are helping clients lead happy and independent lives.

In the next few days before Christmas please try and sort out any old toys, clothes, books or food and give to charities and food banks to give those whose pennies are stretched to the absolute limit a Merry Christmas.


RM x

3 thoughts on “Mental health: Pamper day + Christmas message

  1. I love your post’s Mrs Rachel Marie
    your post writing method is too good…
    i read your every post… and i am also write a motivation, self help, and positive thinking post
    thanks you Mrs Rachel Marie


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