DIY: Christmas mason jar


Supplies Needed:

◦ Jars (get them from a craft store or use baby food jars)

◦ Glitter-Red, white and brown

◦ Googly eyes

◦ Red pom pom

◦ Black ribbon

◦ Silver foam sheet

◦ Black beads

◦ Orange paper

◦ Decoupage

◦ Hot Glue

◦ Brown pipe cleaner

Start out by covering your jar with a layer of decoupage. Pour glitter all over your jar, fully covering it. Set aside to dry. The directions will then vary just a little for each mason jar craft.

Once your red glitter is dry, wrap a piece of black ribbon around the jar and hot glue it in place. Cut a square slightly larger than your ribbon and cut out the center of the square to make a belt buckle. Hot glue that in place and then fill it up with candy!

Cover your jar with white glitter. Glue two small googly eyes on and then cut a small carrot nose from your orange paper and glue that in place as well. Grab your small black beads and glue them to create a smile.

Cover in brown glitter. Hot glue two googly eyes in place and add your pom-pom nose. Cut one brown pipe cleaner in half. Snip off another 1-2 inches and wrap them around the other piece to shape it into an antler. Hot glue this to the lid and you are set!

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