Entertainment: TV to watch this Christmas

  1. Fuller house season 9 – I’m waiting for part B to be released as I watch part A in one binge watch session last Friday, I’m not ready for it to end. Hilarious as always
  2. Family reunion Christmas special – Sourthern wholesome modern family
  3. Sugar rush Christmas edition – baking competition where they have to execute festive favourite foods in a time frame. Perfect for fans of GBBO
  4. Nailed it: Christmas edition – where terrible bakers have to recreate some yummy Christmas themed treats (it’ll make you feel better about buying ready to bake cupcakes/cookies
  5. Happy merry whatever – A TV show based around hectic family life at the holidays with a domineering Dennis Quaid who’s set in his ways
  6. Gavin and Stacey
  7. Rush family Christmas – film about a radio DJ superstar who has to downsize and go and live with his aunt and four children when the radio is bought by a corporate company.
  8. The princess switch – Vanessa Hudgens takes onto roles in this film; one Stacey and the other as duchess Margret of Monteniaro who swap lives in the midst of a Christmas baking competition and a handsome prince and a New Year’s Day wedding. Heart warming and will fill you with festive cheer.
  9. Call the midwife Christmas special
  10. EastEnders

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