Fashion: Date night – Pastel Princess

With the holiday parties and New Year’s Eve is just around the corner this look is perfect for girly girls and lovers of pink without being in your face or over the top.

For those in favour of a more androgynous style you could mix it up with a leather jacket and converse to give it that edge and swap the Elle Woods fuchsia pink lipstick with a neutral shade or a deep red for those Olivia Newton-John in Grease vibes (without the dirty cigarette!)

To show off those Lilly Pulitzer earrings why not put your hair in an Ariana Grande style ponytail or messy bun.

How to do a messy bun

Choose the perfect styling products. The following is a quick list of things you may already have around your home. Even if you don’t have these things, don’t worry, the messy bun can be easily created with just your fingers and a rubber-band. It is also easy enough to find all of the following items at your local 24-hour drug store. If you are thinking of creating a messy bun for a more important event like a wedding or prom you can plan ahead and find a store that specializes in carrying hair care products and accessories.

◦ For the quick and simple messy bun up-do, you will need about 5 minutes, your fingers, and a rubber-band.

◦ If you have more time, gather a soft brush, wide-tooth comb and an elastic ponytail holder. Preferably an elastic holder without a metal clasp to reduce the chance of hair damage.

Tip: Hair works best for a messy bun if it is two days after initial washing

Create a more sophisticated look. Select a light-weight mousse that will allow your hair to be easily pliable yet still appear soft and natural. For extra body, select a mousse that says it includes a volumizing agent. This will be displayed on the mousse bottle. If you have very soft and fine hair or want your messy bun up-do to last for a long time, pick out a hairspray that you like to ensure your messy bun stays intact.

◦ For the most natural look, choose a hair spray with a micro-fine mist for minimal build up that you can apply and reapply without washing your hair.

◦ For a more extreme edgy look, choose a hair spray that offers massive volume without stiffness.

◦ If you have extremely soft or freshly washed hair, you can also experiment with dry shampoo or hair salt spray to add texture. (optional)

Put the bun at different levels. For a higher bun, flip your hair upside-down and gather it in your hands. This will increase your hair’s volume and help eliminate bumps. For a lower bun, gather your hair in the middle of your head or closer to the nape of your neck. The ponytail can be as high or low as you want it to be.

High ponytail

Use this style on day-old hair. While you can use this style anytime, it can actually work better on hair that’s not freshly washed. If you did just wash your hair, it can help to add a little dry shampoo. You can also add hairspray, if that’s your preference. These products will help make it easier to style.

Brush out your hair thoroughly. Make sure you don’t have any tangles or knots in your hair. Styling tangled hair can cause severe knots when you take down your hairdo. It’s important to brush in the direction of the ponytail. That is, brush as if you are trying to sweep your hair into a ponytail, brushing towards the crown of your head. That means also flipping your head over to brush upwards toward the crown

Gather your hair into a ponytail. Hold the hair in place at the back of your crown with one hand. Smooth out with a brush or comb, but only do so lightly on the top of your head where you teased it.

◦ You may want to add just a little bit of product like serum or gel to your hair as you pull it up. This can help tame flyaways and give you a smoother overall look.

Secure the ponytail in place with an elastic band. Pull the band around your ponytail onto the crown of your head. Twist the band into a figure 8 and pull the new loop back through your hair. Repeat this movement until the hair tie is tight enough that it stays put.

◦ Do not use a rubber band, as that will tangle your hair and could even break some strands. Always use a hair tie made for hair. You may need an extra thick one for a high ponytail.

◦ To look extra nice, take a small section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail and carefully wrap it around the elastic. Secure it with a bobby pin running along the bottom of the hair tie to completely disguise it.

To add that extra into your outfit you could introduce hair extensions and fake eyelashes into your glamour routine. But if you’re not entirely comfortable don’t make drastic changes to your wardrobe start off with small ones like having your nails done once a week and then if you want to progress from there to eyelashes, extensions or fake tan.

To finish off this outfit add a spritz of Marc Jacobs daisy blush perfume which has nice fruity top notes without being too overpowering.

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Happy shopping!

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