Book review: Snow White and the seven dwarves by Stephan Kalinski & Ian Botteril

Plot: The classic tale of Snow White but with a modern twist with a plucky, brave and intelligent heroine.

Genre: Children’s picture book

Verdict: A refreshing take on a much beloved classic. Instead of Snow White being admired for her beauty instead it’s her wise choices and bravery that set her a part from everyone else. Even though it is a children’s book the narrative isn’t at all patronising and it’s diverse with each of the dwarves coming from the seven corners of the globe. Lastly, it shows that women can be equally content with learning new things and having adventures instead of being rescued and needing a relationship to live happily ever after. Praise also goes to Claudia Piras who’s illustrations bring the words to life and are accessible to young readers. I cannot wait to see what else is in store for our favourite fairytales. In my opinion these retelling’s are exactly what modern day children need teaching morals and positive values and at the same time capture their imaginations and still have that child like sense of fun and adventure.

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