Fashion: Steal that celebrity style: Demi Lovato

Demi also has her own skincare range called ‘Devonne by Demi’ and has her own range of fabletics workout gear and has collaborated with ‘Scetchers’ shoes. She has also produced six albums and is currently working on her seventh studio album. Yay! Demi has also written a book of inspirational quotes and experiences of her life called, ‘staying strong 365 days a year’. Which I read every January to help me get the new year off to a positive confident start.

Demi also has founded a rehab programme and record label with fellow Disney Alumni, Nick Jonas and over the past decades has collaborated with many artists.

What I love about Demi the most is how she is open and honest and hasn’t pretended to be perfect and she genuinely cares about the wellbeing of her Lovatics and is grateful to live each day helping others.

Here is my ShopLook link so you can see where to get the clothes for this killer look!

Want Demi’s tousled waves? Plait you hair wet the night before and when your ready to rock simply untie your hair! Don’t have long hair? Don’t worry! Play around with some hair extensions, you could even rock different colours if you wanted to (with Demi’s own line hair extensions of course!)

To pull off this look simply be confident. If you’re not comfortable with showing your midriff you could always wear a black camisole to cover it instead of a crop top but, hey! Why not show off how mother nature made you?

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