Mental Health: Gratitude list

    1. I’m grateful for my family and friends who continue to pick myself up when I stumble
    2. I am grateful for my free health care and whilst the doctors don’t always understand what I’m going through, they are trying the best to help me manage my chronic pain.
    3. I’m grateful for the ability and opportunity to learn and have access to higher education.
    4. I’m grateful to not have to go without food, heating and electric
    5. I’m grateful for John Travolta and Zac Efron who’s social media posts cheer me up.
    6. I am grateful for my grandmothers stories of living and helping the British war effort in World War Two
    7. I am grateful for music and being able to express my emotions through song
    8. I am grateful to everyone who reads my blog
    9. I am grateful to the women who laid down their lives so that women can vote.
    10. I am grateful to my internet friends who provide support and empathy for what I’m going through
    11. I am grateful for the open dialogue that we have about mental health
    12. I am grateful that I can choose who I want to marry and have children
    13. I’m grateful to have all my mental faculties
    14. I’m grateful for my favourite programmes for providing light relief when times are tough
    15. I’m grateful for time and for my health (even though it can be hard some times)

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