Book review: A Christmas gift by Katie Flynn

Rating 5/5

Genre: Historical fiction

Plot: Liverpool, 1939: Sixteen-year-old Lizzy Atherton is forced to flee her violent step-father in the middle of the night, and finds herself stranded on a station platform completely alone.

Desperate to know what has become of her beloved mother, who she had no choice but to leave behind, Lizzy returns the next day only to find her home deserted. Devastated, Lizzy joins forces with her old school friend Dolly and Clara, an escaped evacuee, and vows to find her mother whatever it takes.

But the war rages on and demands on the home front take Lizzy’s life in a host of unexpected directions, and hopes of finding her mother gradually start to fade.

If Lizzy can muster the strength to keep searching, she might just get her Christmas wish after all (Blurb from Amazon. Click the link to get your copy)

My verdict: I read this book in three days. I am a massive fan of Katie Flynn and love her writing and the way she brings a picture to life with words about life in 1930’s Liverpool. This books characters are lovable and you can identify with each of them about something in this book. Katie Flynn is always about family, community and triumph through adversity, this is a lovely festive read and truly encompasses the spirit of Christmas; of helping and supporting others in their time of need. The writing is comforting this book truly warms the cockles of your heart. It’ll transport you back to a simpler times and put our modern day consumerism into perspective compared to a time when others had so very little and the outlook so bleak. A great festive read.

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