Entertainment: Reasons why One Day at a time should not have been cancelled

    Even the older generation can change their opinion of something if they really want to and adapt to the times
    Shows that not all families are nuclear
  • It normalised anxiety, depression & PTSD
  • Has strong female lead
  • Reflects the LGBTQ equality act and discriminations they still face.
  • It highlighted that Sobriety isn’t always easy
  • That you should stand up for what you believe in but stay true to yourself
  • Breaks down gay, immigrant and Latino stereotypes
    It’s the fricking funniest sitcom Modern Family, Full/er House, The middle and Malcom in the middle
    Addresses political issues such as president trump and having to flee Havana from Pablo Escobar
    You can have platonic relationships and not have to be romantically involved
    Addresses sexism from both sides
    Explores Cuban tradition and it’s place in modern society.

Featured image courtesy of One Day at a Time, Netflix all rights reserved.

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