Self care: Essential oils – What you need to know

Lavender helps with headaches – lavender releases sleep hormones which ultimately make us feel more relaxed. So, gently rub some lavender oil on your temples and rub in a slow circular motion taking in a nice deep breath with every circle. I tend to find pure essentials stress roll on quite good especially after staring at screen all day. (£9.99 at

Grapefruit is said to make you feel and look younger so add a couple of drops of grapefruit oil into your daily moisturising routine or buy a cleanser and toner with grapefruit in.

For achy muscles try adding Sweet Marajoram into your bath, about eight or ten drops should do it along with a table spoon of full fat milk.

Eucalyptus added into a steaming bowl of water can relieve blocked sinuses.

To boost your mood and help with sadness make up a bottle of rose and geranium room spray by adding ten drops of each oil into a bottle with 30ml of water and 30ml of vodka.

Lastly studies suggest that a sniff of peppermint, jasmine and rosemary before any event where we need to stay focused helps us with memory and alertness.

Source: Woman’s weekly Magazine bumper December issue 2019

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