Writing: Papergang subscription box: November/spreading Christmas cheer and realising how privileged I am.

What’s inside:

  • A handy gift giving guide for everyone on any budget
  • Gift wrap
  • 6 x gift tags
  • 6 x Christmas cards
  • Gold washi tape
  • A to do list pad
  • And a ‘stay cosy’ coaster.

My second mystery box (which was June’s which already received) is being divided up between my Nan and the local Christmas toy appeal.

Yesterday I bought new red throws for the sofa, gold, green and red baubles and Christmas mugs! I got my mum a mug in the shape of a sprout, myself a white gold penguin mug! I also treated myself to a baking kit, next week myself and Mel are going to make Christmas tree cup cakes, gingerbread men and shortbread in the shape of unicorns. We were going to do it tomorrow but my mum is recovering from her gall bladder operation so we’ll probably go to the library pick out some books, work on my scrapbook and embroidery so my mum has peace without having to sort me out and just rest.

Myself and Mel had our first hot chocolate from Starbucks whilst we shopped for gift wrap.

One thing I’ve realised over the past couple of days is how privileged I am. I’ve been watching this program called ‘Rich Kids go Skint’ where they go from spending £20 k on holidays to living on the breadline and it’s made me realise that money doesn’t buy happiness.

So, I have made the decision to start paying towards the housekeeping as I physically cannot contribute to any housework or cooking and pay for my own phone bill (I’m 22!) and learning to live on a £50 budget a month and putting the rest of my DLA into my savings once I pay £100 in housekeeping and my phone. I just want to say that I am doing this off of my own back and it’s my decision to contribute and my parents do not expect me too.

As Christmas is drawing nearer I will be going through my cupboard and bookshelf and giving away thinks to those less fortunate. I will also be donating one pack of feminine hygiene products and deodorant, hair brush and underwear in a little wash bag (you can even get them in pound shops – that’s £4 for necessities that some women don’t have the luxury of buying) to the local women’s shelter.

I vow also to use my library a lot more instead of being lazy and buying books on my kindle. I also vow not to buy another notebook until one is full and prepare lunch in advance and spend less money on food out with the exception of special occasions.

We need to think of others instead of ourselves. You don’t need to be spending money to have a good time.

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