Fashion: 3 Favourite Disney Villains (Ursula maleficent, and Cruella DeVille)

Did you know that Ursula’s makeup was inspired by the drag queen Divine? She’s voiced by Pat Carol in the 1989 film The little mermaid, was recently portrayed in the little mermaid live 2019 by Queen Latifah and will be portrayed by bridesmaids star, Melissa McCarthy in the Disney 2020 live action remake.

The 1954 Disney’s Sleeping Beauty gave us a green faced shape shifter dubbed ‘The Mistress of all evil’. However, I have based my outfit on the 2013 movie Maleficent. Did you know that she wore prosthetic cheek bones in the movie and she developed her voice whilst giving her kids a bath? Plus she could only wear her horns for 15 minutes at a time because they were so heavy! I love this edgy look.

Lastly is Cruella Devile. Did you know the cartoon was based on a book by the same name by Dodi Smith who’s known for ‘ I capture the castle’? Glenn close who also voiced Karla in Disney’s Tarzan won a golden globe for her portray as the cruel and callous cruella? This outfit is both inspired by the live action film and cartoon.

Click on any of my creations to be taken to my page so you can see where to find these items to complete your Disney cosplay. Happy dress up.

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