My mental health: Counselling and pain clinic

Hi everyone,

So yes I’m still going through a really bad pelvic and back flare up but, I had some good news. I had a phone call from a local counselling service and even though it’s a 16 week wait I should be seen ASAP seeing as that any off handed criticism wether it’s intended or not sends me into a downward spiral and my anxiety over my future is pretty prevalent.

I have a lot to work on but needs must otherwise I won’t be able to move on and be happy and remain stuck.

So at least I’m on their lists and I can’t be ignored or forgotten about.

Bad news is, I got turned down for job and one of my careers spilt the last of my morphine on the floor. I’m getting so easily frustrated but at least I have pain clinic on the 27th of November and I’m hoping they can help.

Oh well. Something will turn up soon. 2020 will be a huge improvement on 2019.

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