DIY: make fun firework pictures (for kids and grown-ups who was still a child at heart)

You will need:

Black cardstock

• Paint (we used metalic gold and silver but bright colours work well too)

• Cardboard tubes

• Scissors

• Glitter

Firework craft instructions

STEP 1- Prepare the cardboard tubes

Before you can begin your firework painting you need to prepare the cardboard tubes that you will be using to paint with. Cut slits all the way around the bottom of each cardboard tube and spread them outwards.

Using different sized tubes and leaving different sized gaps between the slits can create quite different effects, so experiment and make several different firework stamps.

STEP 2 – Paint with the cardboard tubes

Dip the cardboard tubes into your chosen colour paints and press them down onto a piece of cardstock. As you move the cardboard tube away you will be left with a painty firework shape. We chose to use gold and silver paint for the fireworks and black cardstock to represent the night sky, but it would be fun to experiment with different colour cardstock and paint. 

Keep printing more firework shapes until your are happy with you firework filled sky. Some children might choose to just add one or two fireworks and some might keep going until the whole page is filled! The important thing is that your child has fun and enjoys the painting process. This fireworks craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers as however the prints are made the finished fireworks painting will look beautiful! 

Then add glitter!


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