Writing: Creative writing prompt # 1, 2 and 3

You hear a creek on the floor. When you step on it again, a blood pops up revealing a bright tunnel underneath.

I hadn’t had any hope left after being stuck in this frilly pink bedroom for what felt like hours. But, when the board sprung up after I’d paced the length of the room my feverish anger quelled by my curiosity for the tunnel. Where did it lead? Why would someone need a tunnel underneath their bedroom? I took a few steps towards it but as I thought run through my head I jumped back, Didn’t curiosity kill the cat? Whatever, I was so done with this place. She saidI wasn’t allowed to walk out the front door so, an underground tunnel wasn’t breaking rules..

There is a knock at the door stop you open it to find a large bike box sitting on the deck.

There was no sign as to who had left a package for me. I tentatively stepped out of my cabin today was unusually calm unlike the rest of the village, the white boxes down and soggy so I took it in my room. Immediately the hairs on the back of my neck stood up the voice in the back of my head knew who this was from. With shaking hands I trouble at the box, my suspicions were confirmed. They had found mel

Your neighbour screams for you when you get to his house, you see a swarm of bees around him.

I raced in through the back porch and I heard him before I saw him, the high-pitched screams intertwined with the din of the little buzz from the angry beans. I remembered something from my girl guide days when we went camping and found a hive;bees did not like fire. I sprinted into Dave’s house and on the dining table was a wax candle I grabbed it and was shaking hands I went to the side cupboard drawer to find matches I ran back out again with the boys had grown louder as soon as I wafted the candle the bees fell away. “I told you that honey aftershave was a bad idea.” He wasn’t impressed.

Source: 365 days of creative writing prompts by http://www.Thomasmedia.ie

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