DIY: Halloween decorations – Spooktacular doormat and hair raising paper spiders




• stencil lettering

• paint brush

• paint palette


• door mat (we used this one from IKEA, but here’s another affordable option on Amazon)

• black acrylic paint

• painters tape

Once you know what your door mat is going to say, lay out your stencils and make sure they fit across the width and height of your mat. I always like to find the middle of the word or phrase and start by placing the center letter. So, for example, when arranging the the word “strangers,” I folded the door mat in half to find the middle, and placed the “N” stencil on it, working out from there to make sure my word was centered.

Next, secure the letters along the bottom with a strip of masking tape so that they don’t shift while you’re applying the paint. Most stencil sets only include one of each letter, so you may need to move a letter down to complete the word.

Carefully peel the tape and letters off the mat and et voilà! Allow 20-30 minutes for the paint to dry, and you’ve got a super festive doormat ready to great tricker-treaters and dinner party guests alike.

Paper spiders

Paper Spider Craft - How to make a 3d Spider out of Paper. Oh yes, it is super duper CUTE Halloween Decor time. We love paper crafts, and this adorable Paper Halloween DIY is super easy to make. The kids can make these too and you will have a quick and easy Halloween Party decorations sorted in no time! #halloween #papercrafts #paper #halloweenspider #cutespider #cute #spiderdecoration #spider
  • Black paper – one sheet of A4 with careful cutting will make one spider
  • White paper
  • Black pen
  • Black bakers twine for hanging (get some here US/ UK (aff links))
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

How to:

  • Cut four 0.5cm strips off the top of the black paper for legs. Cut 8-10 circles from the remaining paper.
  • • Fold circles in half.
  • • Add glue to one half of one circle and place the second cricle on top. Continue until you have a stack of circles glued together but in half.
  • • Add glue to the spine and place your sting against it.
  • • Add glue to both top and bottom of the stack, bring together to make a ball and “trap” the string in the middle.
  • • Cut the 4 strips of paper in half to make 8 legs and glue to your black bauble – 4 on each side. Fold to make a “leg kink” if you wish.
  • • Draw and cut two large eyes. Glue to the front of the bauble.
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