Book review: Lessons by Jenny Colgan

Plot (from Amazon):

Lessons is the third novel in Jenny Colgan’s beloved Maggie Adair series.

As the summer holidays start, scandal hits Downey House. The attraction between Maggie Adair, the fiery, committed English teacher at Downey House and David McDonald, a teacher at the local boys’ school, has escalated – and now both are facing an uncertain future.

The girls of Downey House – mercurial Fliss, glamorous Alice and shy, dependable Simone – are facing long summers at home. But the new term is not far away – and it will bring new pupils and lots of fresh new challenges…

Genre: Women’s fiction/Romance

Rating: 5/5

My verdict: if you’re looking for a nice book/series to get you through the cold callous winter nights this is it. Jenny Colgan is the undisputed queen of uplifting fiction. These books were originally published under the pen name Jane Beaton and it was only as I was scrolling along Jamie’s Amazon page that I saw that she released these books and her name and boy, am I glad she did. This series is like Malory towers but for grown-ups ! Even though it is set around a girls boarding school and the trials and tribulations of its teenage students the series still manages to not patronise the reader and is instead heartwarming and funny all the while dealing with serious themes like The first tentative steps in finding out your sexuality and eating disorders. The main character Maggie is someone that every woman can relate to, someone who’s been down on their luck but still manages to be resilient as ever.  thankfully the third installment tells us all about Maggie and David and what’s that happened regarding their romance. I highly recommend this series of feelgood uplifting fiction and Colgan’s. back catalogue of works.  you won’t be disappointed…

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