News in the disabled community: Getting out and about -Taxi Turmoil on The One Show

The shocking segment on The One Show. Well not for me because I’m used to stupid amounts of discrimination about inflation in taxi fares for disabled people or no taxi services at all due to lack of WA Vans. Apparently; the standard fare for you lovely able-bodied people is £3 (according to the one show report) for my friends who need a chair of wheels it is £15! All because we use a few clamps and ramp! Well, I’m sorry I know the WA Vans are expensive (the average being £14,000 whilst the average run of the mill taxi costs around £7000) but that shouldn’t mean that we should be discriminated and taken advantage off (in some cases) just because we need help to get out.

Here’s the rebuttal (My local newspaper)

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