The Reading corner: Recommend a tearjerker 

My tearjeker as a kid would be Red sky at dawn however, now it is the Last day of Rabbit Hayes.

Red Sky At Dawn is about a sister who’s brother has severe Cerebral Palsy and a plethora of other conditions but, it focuses on the eldest sister and how she deals with the prejudices whilst being positive. Obviously having Cerebral Palsy  myself and readings age eight I had no idea the impact a disability has on family life. Despite the story looking hopeful troughout unfortunately, Ben passes away and I remember weeping for days because he never had a chance to prove his abilities and the community just saw him as a lost cause. I thank god for my family.

The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes is about a young mother living her last days as best she can with MS. This struck a cord with me as I was in the stages of being tested for MS. Thankfully that was not the case.The novel just helps you appreciate the little moments in life and the big ones because they all make you who you are today.

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