Mental health: Soothing self care tips #4

  • Take time and do a face mask. The cold weather can dry out your skin. I recommend Garnier Hydro sheet mask for sensitive skin – it’s so gentle and easy to use without any mess. Or you could make your own mask with egg yolks.
  • Have a social media-free day (I will be switched off tomorrow)
  • It sounds childish but, colouring is really relaxing. I prefer embroidery myself.
  • Do some yoga
  • Prep healthy meals for the week
  • Have a nice bubble bath with a luxury bath bomb or, you could make your own. Paint your nails, shave your legs and put on a hair mask.
  • Have a relaxing playlist – Apple has a good chill out ones.
  • Journal your feelings – go analogue and set up a bullet journal.
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Clean your room; a clean room will help you destress. Light some scented candles or buy a humidifier and use lavender essential oils. Also, have a declutter; bin any junk and you’ll get a boost when you give away to charity.
  • Curl up with a cuppa and a book. They say half an hour of reading before bed reduces stress by two thirds according to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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