Me and My Disability: What they don’t tell you about living Cerebral Palsy

  1. Startle reflex is a bitch.
  2. There’s no one type of cerebral palsy that’s the same. There are several types that have additional needs
  3. Get used to people talking above you to your PA/family member
  4. You’ll get peppered with endless questions.
  5. Get used to people pushing you in your wheelchair without asking.
  6. Get used to people kneeling down to speak to you.
  7. Not every accessible toilet is big enough or has a hoist and changing table.
  8. Kerbs are your enemy
  9. Some lifts will be tiny
  10. Some bus drivers/taxi drivers won’t let you on.
  11. You’ll get blisters on your fingers from propelling yourself.
  12. Wheelchairs aren’t remotely comfortable
  13. Everybody will assume you are an inspiration and that your condition is severe and that you have learning disabilities.
  14. Special requirements aren’t often met.
  15. You will still encounter the words Spaz, Retard or Mong
  16. Muscle spasms are annoying.
  17. Electric wheelchairs aren’t turbo race cars.
  18. You won’t find much representation in the media or literature.
  19. Straws are a must (for me)
  20. AFO’s and other equipment are clunky and ugly.

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