Me and My Disability: What they don’t tell you about having a chronic illness

    1. Friends will leave you. They’ll get fed up with your ‘excuses’. True friends will always stay.
    2. Meds will either decrease or increase your appetite
    3. Pyjamas will become your uniform
    4. You will end up planning your day around your naps
    5. Get used to being called a hypochondriac
    6. Your meds will feel like a meal in themselves
    7. Get used to light sensitivity
    8. Having to buy tonnes of concealer to cover the bags under your eyes
    9. You’ll make awesome internet pals
    10. Things like bathing, getting dressed and brushing your hair will feel like a major achievement.
    11. You’ll learn to appreciate the small things in life like a friend coming over for a cuppa
    12. You’ll constantly hear, ‘you’re too young to be ill’.
    13. Or, ‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude’.
    14. Your illness isn’t valid because it’s not visible.
    15. You’ll become an expert box set binger
    16. Your pain levels will fluctuate
    17. Cutting out certain foods can help
    18. People believe yoga is the answer to everything.
    19. You can’t have stars without darkness
    20. Get used to knowing more about your condition than the professionals

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