Writing: Resources and tips to a make a great blog

Www.pinterest.com – it’s a fab place to gather inspiration.

Www.unsplash.com – It’s a good place to get royalty free images

Canva.com – Create your own graphics with ease.

Buffer.com/hootsuite.com – To schedule your social media posts

Grammarly – check your spelling and grammar before submitting a blog post.

Etsy.com – buy a custom web design, make sure you standout!

Have your own domain – see what packages WordPress offer.

https://websitesetup.org/how-to-use-wix-editor/ Here’s an in-depth artical on how to set up your own author website by, Karol Krol Facebook | Twitter


  1. Think a about your blog niche
  2. Be consistent with your branding (have the same social media handle for all webpages.)
  3. Try and do at least 3 blog posts a day
  4. Check out the blogging community on twitter.
  5. Be brave and ask to collaborate with another blog
  6. Post consistently – if you draw a blank don’t be afraid to repost old material just make sure that it’s been awhile since anybody’s read them
  7. use posts that are at least three months old and more.
  8. Try and interact daily with your followers on social mediacall be polite and follow everyone back. However, – if somebody isn’t following you back then unfollow them; this way you make space for new followers especially on Twitter when you have limits.
  9. Get involved with blog challenges

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