Entertainment: Movies that made my 2019

    1. Speed kills
    2. The poison Rose
    3. Trading paint
    4. The Fanatic
    5. Always, maybe
    6. Tall Girl
    7. Dumplin’
    8. Departures
    9. Exceedingly wicked and Shockingly Vile
    10. Mary Poppins Returns

    (Yes, there’s a lot of John Travolta there… I’m not going to apologise for it.)

    2 thoughts on “Entertainment: Movies that made my 2019

      1. Okay so it comes in stages so 1975 to 1982 to ‘86 to 2004 then 2007 to 2010 then 2013 to 2019 my fave? Would have to be face off/ domestic disturbance, wild hogs, hairspray, old dogs (his daughter is cute!) Then, savages, the forger, criminal activities, I am wrath, Gotti, trading paint, speed kills, OJ Simpson, poison Rose to the Fanatic. (As well as Grease, Two of a kind, Saturday night fever, staying alive, the experts and love song for bobby long. Check out my biography I wrote on him for my creative writing class, it’s called Travolta Fever.


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