How to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome in the heat.

    1. Don’t beat yourself up if you do fall asleep – you have a genuine condition that’s exasperated by heat.p
    2. Try a cold bath or shower and minty fresh body scrub to stave away that groggy ‘I just got up’ feeling.
    3. If you’re trying to study, open a window and have a nice breeze circulate the room.
    4. Drink ice cold water.
    5. Put ice packs into cushions/ your fave seat or under your pillow – this will stop you from nodding off and cool you down
    6. Invest in a small fan – one that isn’t too disruptive.
    7. Have a 1 hour nap after lunch.
    8. Avoid heavy meals like carbs or roast chicken dinner. Big meals make us feel lazy and it leads us to falling asleep – graze on things like; salad and fruit and energy bars.
    9. Ask someone for a copy of lecture notes and then just concentrate on listening to the lecturer.
    10. Have a good sleep routine I.e I wake up 7:35 and then nap from 1 till 2 and then bed at 8:30
    11. Wear light clothes/ pyjamas
    12. If you know you’re going to be having a long day and night drink a high energy smoothie or have an energy drink (but these can get addictive and you’re likely to crash so, go with the smoothie
    13. If you want to sit outside make sure you’re sitting in the shaded area with something stimulating to do like reading or puzzles.

    I hope these help and make the summer heat more manageable guys.

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