Book review: Amy and Matthew by Cammie McGovern, 2014

Overall rating: 10/10

Genre Romance

I really enjoyed this book. I cannot believe how much I identified with the characters, Amy with her cerebral palsy, her search for friendship and her fight for independence. I also identified a lot with Matthew as like the character I have OCD and a severe anxiety disorder.

I loved how Cammie wrote the book, it was like the characters were real.

I shared a lot of Amy’s problems such as struggling to make friends, finding love and the struggle to break free from her over protective mother Nicole. I’m actually glad Cammie wrote about Amy and her mothers relationship because when your carer is also your parent, you will have a very close bond because you need them 24/7 and they’ve protected you and fought for you all of your life. But, there comes a time like Amy’s experiencing where you want to break free of that bond and show the world you can ‘wheel with your own two hands’. Amy’s mother is rather pushy and analytical and in the novel amy actually says ‘by pushing me she gave me a life’.

Matthew has OCD where he can’t break free from his rituals until Amy helps him with exposure therapy. Thus, their friendship blossoming.

Matthew along with some other friends including the lathrio Sanjay is one of Amy’s peer helpers. Instead of having an adult aid, Amy wants her peers to help so she can be sociable at collage. (I really want to suggest this for me!) this starts off rocky but in the end friendships develops and so does love.

Matthew and Amy have a huge fight before Amy goes off to collage and this would be potentially the last time they see each other as Nicole deems Matthew ‘not good enough’ for Amy. (I was like bitch! leave her be she’s finally happy.) Amy and Matthew fight about sex and when Amy goes off to collage. She goes missing. I WILL NOT SPOIL IT FOR YOU GUYS BUT THERE IS MAJOR PLOT TWIST.

Themes in the book:

* Mental illness

* Relationships

* disability

* pregnancy

* sex

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