My Disability and Me: Startle reflex

I have a startle reflex which means I’m sensitive to loud or sudden noise, it even happens if somebody touches me, coughs or whispers to me if I’m not expecting it. This is something I genuinely can’t help and it’s the one part of my condition that I find most annoying. I can’t enjoy bonfire night, pyrotechnics, New Years or a place that has balloons I know you all laugh and think it’s such a trivial thing but sometimes it can be quite annoying, it causes my muscles to tense and has spasms which aren’t very nice! even if a room is quiet and somebody puts a cup of tea down I may jump! Even the cinema is difficult. Well, not difficult but annoying! When the adverts come on and their really loud it’s caused me to drop my popcorn-like, EVERYWHERE! (Remember Harry Potter: half-blood prince mum?) so yeah it’s annoying and it will not be cured unless I’m very drunk! Lol! so people don’t laugh at my reflex I know it may seem utterly hysterical that a girl just randomly jumps at somebody coughing but FYI it’s EMBARRASSING. .That’ll be all.

PS using some old posts from my old Tumblr account where are used to talk about my disability.

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