Writing Tips 

“If a nation loses its storytellers, it loses its childhood.”

—Peter Handke

  1. Never throw anything you write away – it may seem rubbish today but one sentence could provide inspiration later.
  2. Try to write everyday – set a timer for 30 minutes of writing time. Uninterrupted of course.
  3. Read up on your chosen genre.
  4. Take your writers notebook with you everywhere – you never know when inspiration may strike.
  5. Stuck with writer’s block? Find some prompts to warm you up a bit.
  6. Keep a reading journal. A book may inspire you or a particular writer.
  7. Keep a clean writing space.
  8. Gather photos they can also inspire you.
  9. Invest in a dictaphone – it’ll be easier when researching/interviewing
  10. Remember why you write. 
  11. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve today writing wise.
  12. Break everything down into small chunks. Don’t expect to get a book done in a month.
  13. Give yourself little rewards when you’re writing. 
  14. Keep every piece of feedback for positive reinforcement.
  15. Invest in a good computer.
  16. Enjoy yourself – if you’re not then it’s time to find out why.

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