Poetry: Race of life

Question: Using the techniques of caesura, pathetic fallacy and imagery try to convey a person’s emotions. 

I’m in the race

Of life, sprinting


Questions tumble in my head

My stomach filling with stones

Of dread.


Too many paths to go down

With not enough light,


Which way is wrong and will I be right?


The sky is grey and heavy

Like my heart. I’ve

Got along way to go and

don’t know where to start


The winds of change are

Telling me to keep going

And then I’ll see


that as the sun burns

through the cloud, my

heart will lift and I’ll be proud.


I may be soaked in sheets of

Fear but as it dries

I know the end is near.


The finish line keeps

Moving but I won’t break my stride.


In the race of life

I can but only try.

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