NHS: Can we save it from distress?

The beeps of 

the stat machine

are the beating heart.
The nurses and doctors

Keep the oxygen flowing

So that when a crisis starts,

We can keep on going.
The smell of antiseptic 

Is the scent of 

sucsess and hope.
Whilst the the warmth

On the wards wraps

You in a warm hug

To keep you going.
Each pill is dished 

With tender care, the

Blue scrubs hide angel 

Wings under there.
The food may be basic

But, for some it’s a decent meal.

The clean sheets and kind words

help to heal.
Yes, it’s under strain 

And suffering a great deal.

However besides paperwork and

Budget cuts, miracles are revealed.
Life, death all happen here

Yet, only the unfortunate is

Be kind to our NHS 

and treat with respect. 

Often it’s a service that people

So fight for our NHS please,

Don’t stop! Otherwise we may

As well stop the clock 

On the progress we’ve made

Because it wasn’t saved

Yet, a vital part: societies 

beating heart.

3 thoughts on “NHS: Can we save it from distress?

  1. Really interesting poem babes, but in answer to the question the poem poses, I don’t think that the NHS can be saved without at least partial privatisation. Why not get the richest people to pay for their healthcare and then plow the profits back into improving the quality of care that it would provide. Therefore the poor and middle income families would still receive healthcare free at the point of use, funded by those who could afford it. Sadly I don’t think that this is something that a conservative government would do. Nice poem though x


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